McCarthy Stone Foundation

McCarthy Stone Foundation

Dorset, Bournemouth

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Sat 22 June 2024

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About our cause

Thanks to your help our Foundation has already helped over 320 charitable causes since launching, distributing over £630,000 in funding to support our vision of a society where older people feel valued, connected, and engaged with their community. 

To recognise your support of our work, all the proceeds from our weekly lottery will be matched by McCarthy Stone, doubling the impact of your support. 

By helping local charities and organisations with grants, volunteers and resources, older people around the country can benefit from improved health and wellbeing, and generations can come together to achieve positive change.

With your support we provide much-needed financial grants, volunteers, and resources to charities and organisations who support older people to find connection and purpose, in particular we look to support organisations that achieve this through intergenerational activity and the regeneration of communities.

You can see some of the grants we have recently awarded, thanks to your support, on our website at

Buying a ticket means that we can continue to grow and support communities around the country. So whether you buy 1 ticket or 10 tickets, thank you, and remember that the proceeds from your ticket will be matched by McCarthy Stone! 

To eveyone who has already supported us, THANK YOU!

Good Luck! - Graeme Marsh - Foundation Manager 

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Draw results

£25,000 jackpot

0 3 8 0 1 3

£107.76 - won by Mr P

0 7 4 0 9 7
Sat 15 Jun 2024

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McCarthy Stone Foundation


McCarthy Stone Foundation, McCarthy & Stone Foundation, 4th Floor, 100 Holdenhurst Road, BOURNEMOUTH, BH8 8AQ

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Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council

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