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WIN A Fantastic Forest Holiday!

Great news - this Autumn we’re giving away a holiday! Anyone who buys tickets before 30th October will be entered into an extra draw to win a fantastic UK staycation. The lucky winner will be ab...

20 September 2021

Congratulations To Our Veg Box Winner!

One winner of Saturday night's One Lottery draw (17th July) won't be having any trouble getting their 5-a-day for a while! A supporter of the McCarthy & Stone Foundation was the winner of our la...

19 July 2021

How To Register A Small Society Lottery

Confused about the licencing requirements for a fundraising lottery? If you’re planning to start a fundraising lottery, raffle or similar gambling-related activity then you’re likely to ne...

12 May 2021

How To Start A Charity Lottery

A charity lottery is a fun and easy way to raise valuable funds for any charitable good cause. A charity lottery can be fully operated online without the need for face-to-face events. Best of all, i...

26 April 2021

Calling All DIY Fans!

The sun’s out, and it’s DIY season so we’re giving away not one but FIVE £100 B&Q Gift Cards . Interest in DIY is booming, with ever more of us sprucing up our surrounding...

21 April 2021

Start A Sports Club Lottery

From football to fencing, from badminton to bowls, UK sports clubs of all types and sizes are successfully raising money with a fundraising lottery. If your sports club is looking for an income boost,...

11 March 2021

Win A £500 Bicycle Voucher

You'll Wheelie Love This Prize? Want to get active this season? The winner of this prize will be able to Spring into action with a £500 Bicycle Voucher to spend online at TheBikeFactory.co.uk...

24 February 2021

How To Start A Fundraising Lottery

Are you considering setting up a fundraising lottery ? Raising funds is tough at the best of times but it’s becoming increasingly difficult. If you’re involved with a charity, society or ...

19 January 2021

Clean Up With This Prize!

Want to make your life a bit easier in 2021? Who doesn't love a gadget? Robot appliances are the must-have devices for 2021. The winner of this prize will be able to put their feet up while their home...

04 January 2021

Spotlight On Colchester Anti Loo Roll Brigade

Today we’re putting the spotlight on a cause that has emerged from the coronavirus pandemic to be a huge force for good in their community. Colchester Anti Loo Roll Brigade was established to ...

03 November 2020

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