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About our cause

Our charity has seen a huge surge in demand with parents relying on us for support after it was announced that there may be a link between COVID-19 causing Kawasaki Disease. 

Our small team can no longer cope with this demand, and our workload is becoming overwhelming. We desperately need funding to be able to take on some more professionals so we can organise our workload and continue to give parents this support they urgently need.

The professionals we hope to employ are a trained medical specialist to provide prompt advice and guidance to parents in need, a press officer to provide information to key broadcasting organisations and help distribute critical information about our cause to a wider audience. We also require a building manager to oversee managing our extensive 16,000 square foot office & creative space in Brentford. Here, we have built a reputation for supporting local community startups and charities, and also accommodate our small team.

We primarily manage this space ourselves, with occasional volunteers.

We are proud to be able to support people in the community, but worry that without the professionals we need, our workload will become so overwhelming that we will not be able to continue to manage this space and will have to turn people away. We desperately don't want it to come to this.

Our hope is that we will be able to get the funding we require to be able to take on these professionals, so we can run our charity to its maximum potential, and be able to support parents and cultivate creativity and entrepreneurship within our community.




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Don't miss our special prize draw!

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