RSPCA Coventry and District

RSPCA Coventry and District

Coundon Wedge Drive, Coventry

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Sat 28 May 2022

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About our cause

The RSPCA Coventry and District is an independent animal charity, separately funded from the National RSPCA. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals that come into us both from the public who can no-longer cope, suffer ill-health, financial difficulties or who pass away and from RSPCA inspectorates who rescue animals that have been mistreated, abandoned and neglected, enforcing laws against the mistreatment of animals by bringing prosecutions.


We rely on public donations to help fund our work. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome on average 600 animals per year. It costs £40,000 each month for us to stay open and our vet bills are often in excess of £1,000 a week. This can significantly increase if we have a poorly animal. Animals in our care receive all necessary veterinary treatment, vaccinations, neutered and microchipped before they are rehomed.


The money raised goes towards looking after the animals in our care. Whether you buy 1 ticket or 10 tickets, you are making a difference.


On behalf of the RSPCA Coventry and District team, thank you and good luck! 

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Draw results

£25,000 jackpot

5 2 7 1 6 0

£9.12 - won by Mr D

4 5 1 9 4 7
Sat 21 May 2022

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RSPCA Coventry and District

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R S P C A, Brownshill Green Farm, Coundon Wedge Drive, Allesley, COVENTRY, CV5 9DQ

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Coventry City Council

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How the lottery works

£1 per ticket

That's right, unlike many other lotteries, our lottery tickets are only £1 per week.

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For every ticket you play 80%, goes to our cause and prizes.

£25,000 jackpot prize

Match all 6 numbers and you win the JACKPOT!

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Win 1 of 5 £100 B&Q Gift Cards

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