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£25,000 jackpot

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Sat 2 March 2024

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About our cause

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest crime prevention and community wellbeing charity movement in England and Wales. We rely on voluntary income to help our small team of 7 support over 90,000 volunteers and 2.3 million household members to make a difference in their communities.

Our ethos focuses on bringing communities together to help prevent crime, build resilience and community wellbeing, and reduce isolation.

Being part of One Lottery means that with your support we can help to generate regular sustainable funding. This will enable us to continue to help communities thrive – but we couldn't do it without you.

Buying a ticket through One Lottery means that we can continue to grow and provide our services throughout England Wales. So whether you buy 1 ticket or 10 tickets, thank you!

Good Luck!

Ian Bretman, Chair of Trustees

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Draw results

£25,000 jackpot

6 7 9 8 4 4

£247.68 - won by Mr S

7 8 3 1 6 6
Sat 24 Feb 2024

Society information

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Neighbourhood Watch Network


WG07, Vox Studios, 1-45 Durham Street, LONDON, SE11 5JH

Registered with:

London Borough of Lambeth

Registration number:

LBLam / 22/00305/GSSLOT

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£25,000 jackpot prize

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