Win a £1,000 luxury getaway in january's Super Draw

Win a £1,000 Luxury Getaway!

27 December 2023

Hopefully we find you in high spirits, and relaxing after a wonderful Christmas! We're not hanging around though – we’re thrilled to announce our first Super Draw of ‘24, and guess what? You could be the lucky winner of a £1,000 luxury holiday!


But hold on, we get it – everyone's got their own idea of the perfect getaway. So, we're spicing things up a bit. If travelling isn't your cup of tea, no worries! You can also opt for a £1,000 cash alternative. Yep, we're all about making dreams come true, your way.






Now, let's talk about the possibilities. Imagine relaxing in a luxurious spa, exploring charming European cities, or even having a cozy countryside staycation. The options are as endless as your imagination!


Need some inspiration? Check out these cool ideas:


City Staycation: Discover hidden gems in UK cities. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner, spa day, or a night at a luxury hotel – you deserve it!

European Adventure: Explore the cobblestone streets of Rome, indulge in pastries in Paris, or hit the beaches of the Greek Islands.

Countryside Retreat: If you prefer the peace and quiet, why not get away to a cabin in the lakes, or a cottage in the Welsh hills?

Sun-kissed Getaway: At this time of year, wouldn’t you like to picture yourself sipping a fruity cocktail on a golden beach, with the crystal waves lapping at your toes?


Remember, it's all about YOUR dream escape. The possibilities are as diverse as your taste in music, and we want to make sure your prize is as fantastic as you are.


So, don't miss out on the chance to turn 2024 into a year of adventure and relaxation! Get those lottery tickets and cross your fingers – this might just be the start of your next great adventure.






Our causes are on track to raise £418,340.00 this year

38.53% Complete

16,090 tickets of our 41,756 ticket goal

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Our causes are on track to raise £418,340.00 this year

38.53% Complete

16,090 tickets of our 41,756 ticket goal